Sexy Santas doing their bits for Christmas

Sexy actresses doing their bits for Christmas, you could never get enough of Christmas if Santa was a foxy lady.

Merry Christmas!

X Factor Dannii Minogue Playboy Photo Shoot

On the recent interview with Piers Morgan, X Factor Judge Dannii Minogue opened up to the UK public about her personal life.

After watching the interview, my image of her changed, especially her openness on her plastic surgery, how many celebrities openly spoke about their botox and breast enhancement so publicly, just an example of the difference between British and Australian.

Another shocker, was her Playboy shoot, where we always thought it was a boost for
her self esteem after the divorce with Julian McMahon, but the truth was that she was 150k in debt, well the photos done her more goods than harm.

Playboy should out in 3 days, having to republish more, beat that Cheryl Cole! And I don't think her need to be jealous of her, she's in her late thirties and is still stunning.

X Factor Presenter Xtra Factor Holly Willoughby

If you're talking about recent sexy busty celebrities, you cannot miss the X Factor's Xtra factor's Holly Willoughby's Double X Factors.

The only thing that kept you switching channels after the X Factor, the truth is the Xtra factor is not very good.... showing mostly the X Factor rejects.

So what kept the show alive? Simon Cowell? Well no it’s the beautiful Holly Willoughby, keeping the guys on her, it’s all about ratings of course.

Hottest Bollywood Actress Riya Sen Isn't Keen On Wearing Miniskirts

“I am very fussy about my clothes and very moody as well. One will never catch me in a mini-skirt just like that”

Despite being the sexiest Bollywood Actress on Earth, It's claimed that Riya Sen said on one of her latest fashion catwalk for Ranna Gill at India's Fashion Week,

However she is walking the catwalk later with a pair on miniskirt, Riya will be staring a role next to her sister Raima Sen in a upcoming Bengali film.